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We at 50WebHost offer basic services at unbelievable price. We do offer various packages with advanced features with extra bandwidth, extra storage resources in economical costs. Our services are specially designed for you to give as much privileges and ownership over what goes on your website as possible and encourages you to express yourself freely. However, you are responsible in what you publish. You have to make sure that none of the prohibited items (like Viruses, spam, or serious threats of violence) would get published on your website.


We do collect various types of information when you register with 50WebHost during your usage of our services, when you visit our site. 50WebHost always values the privacy and information pertaining to its associates. We do not disclose any information about your individual visits to our website or any information that you may provide to us, such as your contact name, email address, mailing address, or contact number, are not out sourced. Our infrastructure of servers expands at multiple datacenters that are owned and operated by us or our partners. All information collected within our services endures on this network of servers.

Information Collected

We only require personal information for the registration purposes as mentioned in this Privacy Policy. In addition to the above, below purposes include:

Contact With You

We tried to make the sites or services easier to use, which in turn can help you to avoid entering the same information repeatedly. Grant our services auditing, investigation and enquire in order to protect maintain and improve our services. Spam Policy: If an account has been terminated /cancelled due to policy violations, copy-right infringement, hosting ethics violations, complaints received from any authorized and legal agencies, government departments, spam deterrent agencies or any other recognized internet authority,


While paying by a bank, please allow 5 working days for the bank to clear and for us to open the account. If you are paying via credit card, PayPal we will endeavor to set up your account on the same day since invoices are generated 14 days before the next due date. Payment must be made by the due date to avoid the interruption in using your account. If we won’t receive your payment, your account will get suspended 5 days after the due date. If no attempt is made within the next 5 days to pay due invoices, we reserve the right to permanently terminate /cancel your account and format all data held.

Offers Terms & Condition’s

Once the offer is closed the previous plans and rates will be applicable for further deals. 50WebHost solely has the right to make changes in their plans.


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It has no images, but it got style. And it has links, to bring you somewhere else…

On the next page I will show you My City.

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Welcome to this page!

It has no images, but it's got style. And it has links…

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